The harsh defeat of Issa Hayatou against Malagasy, Ahmad Ahmad, (20 votes against 34) in the election of the Presidency of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), on Thursday March 16, caused several reactions of the actors of football Including Paul Ulrich Kessany and others.

Cameroon’s Issa Hayatou has been ousted yesterday by the president of the Malagasy Football Federation, Ahmad Ahmad, at the head of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) since 1988. This has aroused, as one might expect, many reactions of football players, notably Gabon, such as that of Paul Ulrich Kessany, former captain of the Panthers and also Secretary General of the National Association of Professional Footballers of Gabon. “Issa Hayatou has made his time, it has brought a new touch to African football, since its accession to the presidency of CAF. But 29 years later, it was time for things to change. The new president Ahmad has a reform program that sticks with the evolution of football , “said Paul Ulrich Kessany without a glance. Free FIFA 17 Coins

An opinion also supported by Christian Mouity, former referee Fifa. “The departure of Issa Hayatou is a good thing to reorganize the CAF. It time to pass the hand! He had become a friend of some African Presidents and was no longer making decisions objectively , “said former referee Fifa. “The departure of Blatter for the arrival of Infantino at the head of the FIFA without the support of the president of the CAF, the bloc of votes of the Anglophone countries in favor of Malagasy Ahmad Ahmad are ingredients that already announced the end of Reign of Hayatou , “he added.

The end of a system?

Asked about the change made at the head of the CAF, HervĂ© Akoumigui, the main animator of the show, “Right to the Goal” on Radio sports, believes that the arrival of Ahmad Ahamd will bring more transparency. “The election of the Malagasy, Ahmad Ahmad will bring more transparency in the operation of CAF. You are not unaware that Hayatou had installed a real system, he was accused of being at the center of several maneuvers. The name of Hayatou was cited by the Egyptian court in a case of award of televised rights carried out in the non-respect of the rules. He will also have to answer for certain compromising accusations during his acting at FIFA, “ said HervĂ© Akoumigui.

Among the expected reforms is the organization of the Africa Cup of Nations, which will most likely pass from winter to summer, the choice of host countries for the organization of African competitions, all competitions combined , Which will be henceforth made by the congress and not by the executive committee of the CAF which had arrogated too many powers in the time of Issa Hayatou. Ahmad Ahmad becomes the 6th boss of CAF after 60 years of existence of this sports organization.