CSR Racing 2: How to unlock the rarest cars?

For powerful car enthusiasts, there is nothing more satisfying than possessing rare and exceptional cars that cost a few million dollars in its garage. If the billionaires have the opportunity to taste this sensation every day, we can also enjoy it virtually with CSR Racing 2.

In this game you will be able to put the grapple on cars that you will not even be able to Not touch in real life. To do this, you must first unblock them. Here is the solution:
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Enable the “Rare Import” tab

to access the rare imports, press the key icon that is in the second position from the left on the navigation menu of the game.
The key Bronze is the most classic. She gives you coins, but no car. However, do not neglect it, because unlike the stars, this key delivers gold coins every four hours.
Also note that the biggest lots are found in silver and gold keys. They provide access to rare cars and deliver gold coins every three to five stars. Thus, the more stars there are, the more mergers there are and your chance to win a rare car is optimized.
But what to do to get silver and gold keys?

Join a Top Crew

To win an opportunity to make a trip on board an exceptional car, join a team of first-rate. Choose those who have a chance to win many points of respect, The condition that makes it possible to line up in the world top 10.

Play often and watch for openings in the strongest teams. You will probably need to apply for membership, but it is well worth it.

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